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Master the Art of Home Cooking

  • Master the art of home cooking with our comprehensive foundation course which has all the basics you need plus more

  • Step by step authentic video recipes included! Make the top 100 favorite dishes from India and all over the world

  • Learn the secrets of spices and many tricks & techniques which can be applied to multiple dishes

  • Confidently create new dishes on your own. Express your culinary creativity and amaze yourself and your loved ones!

  • The best and proven way to learn how to cook delicious food in your own home kitchen with simple ingredients

  • Prevent recipe ruts and never get bored of the meals you prepare

If you are not part of our foundation course, we invite you to join us today for an exciting journey into the kitchen

About the Instructor

I hail from a food-loving Punjabi family, born and brought up in India‚Äôs #1 foodie city Indore. I also got a blend of south Indian culture from my stay in Hyderabad, the taste of rich Maharashtrian recipes from Pune, and a touch of international cuisines from my long stay in the UK and US. My cooking style has goodness and techniques from many cultures and regions. Having raised two kids, who are already proficient in cooking at a very young age, I can assure you there is nothing more rewarding than watching them cook in the kitchen.

After successfully running cooking camps for so many years, I have applied all the acquired knowledge and experiences in designing this course. Being an artist, I am always fascinated with creativity and the kitchen is the best place to be creative. So, trying out new and innovative recipes comes naturally to me. Home cooking is soul-satisfying and helps you bond with your family when you cook and eat together. As they say, "a family that eats together stays together". One should never stop learning, so I continue to experiment with new recipes every day! 

>  Founder and Owner of Enrichment Academy

>  30+ years of cooking experience

>  Winner of HUL corporate Master Chef competition

>  Designed and developed 5 crucial life skill courses

>  10 years of experience in teaching various life skill courses

>  Invited as a judge to many competitions

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