Healthy Habits You Should Start Today

Geeta Malik

A life skill coach based in Pune, India

When it comes to healthy habits, most people start thinking about compromises that they will have to make. Focus immediately shifts to what all they will have to give up and how it will make their life boring…

It doesn’t have to be that way!

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about giving up enjoyment, it’s about adding the good stuff in...

While it’s true that you will have to control refined sugar, packaged food, artificial foods, highly-refined white grains, and unwanted preservatives, if you only focus on what you have to eliminate, getting healthy will feel much more difficult than it needs to. Instead, let delicious health habits fill up your day so that there is no place for the bad stuff!

When you focus your efforts on what to add rather than what to take out, your mind immediately starts thinking in a positive direction. You start imagining about all the fabulous foods in your life and feel great.

It’s a small shift in your attitude that will do wonders for your health.


I am sure, you have heard this 100 times that hot water with lemon is a great start to a fabulous morning.

  • It rehydrates your body after losing moisture while you sleep,
  • It helps jumpstart your digestive enzymes for the day,
  • and gives you a great dose of vitamin C to start your day

 This is a pearl of age-old wisdom and should be followed by everyone. I’ve been taking hot water with lime every morning when I wake up for a long time.

Your body acclimatizes warm water more effectively than cold water. The water ought to be warm, in fact not hot, so it doesn't murder the entirety of the enzymes in the lemon. You can simply blend half bubbling water in with half room temperature water for pleasantly warm temperatures. 

Press in the juice from a large portion of a lemon and sip away. Brush your teeth after or wash with plain water to help get the citrus off your teeth to ensure your tooth veneer.


Fiber is one of the most misjudged elements missing from your amazing way of life, yet it's completely critical for the wellbeing. I suggest at least 25 grams of fiber every day (as much as 50 grams). Fiber originates from the inedible pieces of plants, so topping off on fresh veggies, whole fruit products (not juice), and consuming some wholesome grains can get you there. In any case, I find that even with eating great, it can be difficult to arrive at 25 grams every day. 

It is essential to get 25 grams of fiber every day as it:

  • helps you feel full
  • helps debloat your midriff 
  • Supports good digestion 
  • Increases your wellbeing 
Psyllium is classified as a "mass framing laxative" yet don't let that alarm you. It doesn't have any animating impacts, it's essentially only straight-up fiber. It's flavorless and simple to add to a smoothie, cereal or other mixed food to rapidly build your fiber consumption. I like to mix it in with my curd and eat it immediately, yet you can add it to anything and let it sit if you like the texture. Simply search for plain old psyllium husk fiber—nothing with counterfeit hues or sugars, that is only all advertising. The main fixing on the mark ought to be psyllium husks.

A healthy outside starts from the inside!


Mint aids digestion, and it’s naturally sweet flavor makes it the perfect after-dinner drink. It also boosts your hydration and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe your system. Sipping mint tea after dinner is equally enjoyable and healthy, so drink up.

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Originally published June 15th, 2020